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Warning, extreme geekiness ahead

I don't remember now how I found this, or why, but I discovered it lately and had to share. It's a fan-made film of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, which takes all the Organization XIII-related scenes from the game (both the Sora and Riku versions) and knits them into a three-hour movie. I don't have a stable link; do a search for "Skies of Memory" and you'll find it. I downloaded the video onto my iPod and watched it over the last few days, mostly on the train and at lunch. The verdict? You can understand KH II without having played CoM, but it makes a lot more sense with it. I read a game script for CoM, which was useful, but it was far easier to follow and truly understand what was going on in video format. And I got a much better sense of the characters. The members of Organization XIII who don't appear in KH II had been little more than names to me; now they're real, with personalities and motivations. I appreciate that. Definitely recommended, if you want the backstory or the memory refresher.

(BTW, I know, copyright issues, with downloading and watching such a thing when I don't own the game. In my defense, had the game been on any other platform I almost certainly would have bought it. But I can't play CoM -- the tiny GameBoy keypad would almost certainly be an RSI disaster for me. So I don't feel particularly guity.)
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