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Off to San Diego tomorrow (or I guess that would be today, at this point) for a long weekend with the in-laws, coming back Sunday afternoon. We try to get down there twice a year, over Christmas and once during the summer, but because of various family reunions (and, in 2004, a plethora of weddings, including ours) it's been a few years since we've actually made the summer trip. It'll be nice to get down there and away for a few days, although somehow we got all booked up this trip so there won't be as much sitting around on the farm as usual. Most of the planned activities should at least be fun.

My 'Net access will be limited at best -- might get to check mail once or twice a day, probably very little LJ, certainly no IM -- so I'll basically be out of contact until my return. It's always so weird, being away from the Internet for an extended time. It's like a voice in my ear has been stilled.

Have a great weekend, everyone. See you in s few days (if I don't have time to poke in in the morning). And now: bed.
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