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“Hello everyone, this has been an exciting morning so far. Got to the airport a little more than an hour before our flight. We were prepared to check our bags thanks to a tip off from a friend about the whole "no liquids on board" thing, I don't know if you've all heard about that, it's an exciting new security measure - no shampoo, no toothpaste, no anything liquid at all on the plane. So, we were all set to check our bags and then we get to the airport and see the hour-long line to check our bags about an hour before our flight. So we thought about, the security lines are not actually bad, much shorter than I would have expected, it's all the baggage check-in. So I just rounded up all of our toiletries and stuff walked them back to the car and left them in the trunk. So I guess we'll have a little trip to the drugstore when we get to San Diego. Which will be fine. *laugh* It's not a big deal, it's probably faster than waiting in that line. So. This is, uh, shaping up to be an interesting day of air travel. And I will let you all know how it goes. Hope you are having a good day. Talk to you later. Bye.”

Transcribed by: luvmoose
Tags: travel, voicepost
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