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Arrived safe, sound, and liquid-free in San Diego yesterday afternoon. We toured Petco Park (where the Padres play), went to the beach (where the ocean was calmer than I had ever seen it -- no crashing waves, it was almost as smooth as the SF Bay), had a Mexican dinner with T's mom (a rare treat for her, since T's father doesn't like to eat out and always wants Chinese food when they do), made our drugstore run, and then crashed early. Today we're driving up to Orange County to visit T's best friend SK, which should be much fun (she was in our wedding and I love her to pieces).

It's nice down here -- warm, but breezy so not too hot. And gorgeous, of course. I can look out the window next to the computer and over the grove of avocado trees, not-too-distant hills in the background. I wouldn't want to live here -- too isolated -- but as a place to visit it's quite lovely.
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