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Pure evil

I don't know which is more evil, Death Note or my newfound addiction to it. I think I need an icon of L, maybe defying the laws of physics with creamers or sugar cubes. Any one have ideas about where I can go looking?

Light is a genius. Okay, we already knew that, but damn. That set-up was just too perfect, everything working out almost to the letter. He knows exactly how everyone is going to react in every situation, even himself during the memory blackout. He plotted it out, and it all came together, and he is totally and completely brilliant. Evil, mind. Pure, unadulterated, power-mad evil, and no one is going to convince me otherwise. But still.

But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to talk about L. Dammit. No. No, no, no, no. Not L! No...

I kept waiting. Waiting for him to figure it out, to realize that he was in danger and take steps to save himself. But he didn't. At least he died knowing that he was right about Light, but is that really enough? Sigh.

I feel bad for Rem, too, who was played and knew it and yet she couldn't stop herself. But I wasn't nearly as attached to her as I was to L. He's my favorite character, and now he's gone.

Well, except the part where I'm in denial, and hoping that maybe they have some trick up their sleeve to bring him back. But as soon as Near and Mello appeared, each a little L clone in his own way, I figured that hope was pretty vain. I'll probably still cling to it though, a little bit.

Light cannot win. You hear me? He just can't. He killed L, and he will pay.
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