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Website randomness of the day

So I was at work the other day (yes, still at Borders, that's another entry for another day), and I saw this advertisement come up. (There's a TV monitor that shows CNN without sound in the periodical section, and we can sort of see it from the registers.) It showed lots of people frolicking with alpacas in meadows and pastures, with the motto "ILoveAlpacas.com" plastered across the scene in plain white text. At first I thought it was some sort of fake ad, like the old Energizer Bunny ads or the fake ad campaign that Sprite (was it Sprite? Some soft drink) did a few years ago. But as the advertisement wrapped up with no evidence of fakery, I had to conclude that it was real. I pointed it out to the other cashier and a customer who was coming up to the registers, and we all had a good laugh at it.

I meant to look up the website, just to figure out what the heck it is, but didn't remember to do so until today. I probably could have guessed that it's an infomercial site sponsored by the American Association of Alpaca Breeders. It's filled with the same happy pictures: alpacas blithly running through fields, women spinning alpaca wool, cute kids hugging alpacas. There's some vagueness about the joys of the alpaca lifestyle, which I can only assume means running off to start up an alpaca farm somewhere. You can also learn alpaca facts and be persuaded that alpacas are an "investment opportunity". Then, naturally, there is the list of links to alpaca breeders around the country, where you can buy an alpaca of your very own!

The nearest alpaca farm to me is a presumably lovely place with the rather overwrought name of Alpacas By The Sea. I didn't get very far into exploring the site, because the picture on the first page Cracked. Me. Up. Look at the beautiful soft-focus family with the perfect children and the perfect couple wearing sweaters (probably alpaca sweaters) holding hands on a section of California coast airbrushed to look like the Scottish heather! Too silly.
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