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Five answers meme

I've seen this one make the rounds before. This particular incarnation is snagged and adapted from parron:

Post a topic, list, or category of some sort in my comments section. (For example: "Things Zoe remembers about Wash" or "Things Auron would never say" or "Movies you hated with a flaming passion.") Then, in a separate post, I'll post my top five answers for each category. Serious or fun, fandom or otherwise.

Man, I'm tired. I've had to cover for my boss the last two weeks, which means opening every day and often working long hours. Extremely glad that the school give us a four-day weekend for Labor Day. I may also try to sneak out early on Thursday; we'll see how it goes. In theory this week is supposed to be slow, and Monday was, but today was extremeley busy. I've had various invitations for the weekend (friends, family), but T and I both decided that we'd rather give in to the sloth. Now, if I can only convince him not to fill the spare time with housework....

Today the library sponsored a performance by a poet/spoken word performance artist. Because of staffing issues, I didn't get to see her read, but I did sit in on the Q&A session, and she had a lot of really wonderful stuff to say about creativity and putting one's work out there and feedback and being part of a community of artists. And I really want to share it with you all. Not today, though; I'm much too brain-dead. Maybe tomorrow. Or over the weekend.
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