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Top 5 meme continued

The rest of the "Top 5" questions.

mythicbeast: Five Pairings You Ship Like Crazy (that no one else does)

Assume broad definitions of 'ship like crazy' and 'no one else'.

1. Paine/Nooj. Okay, yes, I know it's not the case that no one ships P/N. But I think it's rare to run across folks who love the pairing as much as I do.

2. Lulu/Luzzu. I know of only other person who ships them; she gave me the idea in the first place. I've never really seen fic for it. But I find the concept highly intriguing.

3. Yuna/Isaaru. Seriously. Look me in the eye and tell me you never thought about it.

4. Veronica/Duncan. Now, I've only seen the first two episodes of VM season two, so I realize this is subject to change. And I understand the appeal of Veronica/Logan, really I do. But (as I struggle to avoid spoilers, since I don't think everyone on my FL has started the second season yet) I have to say that, all the things Veronica says to Logan in the second season premiere? I agree with them.

5. C.J./Toby. The actors had so much chemistry and the characters clearly had a history, but Sorkin kept shying away. I was content with where they ended up in the end, but I still see wasted potential there.

muggy_mountain: Five Things Auron Would Never Say

1. "Let down your hair and live a little."

2. "Maybe we should just go through with the Final Summoning after all."

3. "Want to play a little blitzball? I'll be the goalie."

4. "Thanks, Jecht, but no thanks. Zanarkand is a nice place to live. I think we'll just stay here."

5. "It wasn't my fault."

kunstarniki: Five canonical characters you would leave out of FFX-2

This is a hard one. (Perhaps alone in the universe) I am fond of the larger X-2 story arc, and I think most of the major characters, even the ones I don't like, contribute in ways that make them necessary. For example, I resent the hell out of Shuyin in many ways, but if there were no Shuyin there would be no story. So he has to stay. If that makes any sense. That said, here are five characters who I could have done without, at least in the way they were used in the game.

1. Pacce. Hi, could someone please explain how he's still a little kid after two years? Shouldn't he at least be a little taller?

2. Calli. Here's the flip side. From little girl to annoying chocobo-obsessed teenager in only two years? I think they gave her all of Pacce's missing age. In both cases, if they couldn't figure out how to handle them age-appropriately, they really should have left them out.

3. Tobli. There has to have been a less irritating way to get them the show in the Thunder Plains.

4. Isaaru. I like Isaaru. Really, I do. Even when he was acting as a tool of Yevon in FFX, I respected him for knowing what he believed and standing up for it. But I do not like what the game did to him. The worst characterization whiplash in X-2 (and the game was full of them).

5. Brother. Another whiplash problem. Not that we saw much of him in the first game, but what we did see did not suggest an overly-loud, whiny, hyperactive teenager, prone to throwing himself at a girl who's clearly not interested. He went from a mildly intriguing minor character to my least favorite person in the game. Which is kind of a shame.
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