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The weekend of sloth

Nothing quite like a four-day weekend to recharge after a time of stress. I had been hoping for a few fun but low-key days, and I got them: some Kingdom Hearts, some LEGO Star Wars; a visit to the Ferry Building for fruit and pesto fixings; a couple of trips to check out the demolition of the Bay Bridge (photos to come!); lots of online conversation; and dim sum, tea, cream puffs, mah johngg, and kitty time with SE and SF yesterday.

A major goal of mine was to get some writing done, and I did so, every day. It went very well. Although my hopes of getting at least one of these shorts I have on deck finished were dashed, dashed I tell you!, thanks to a chat with heyheyrenay that somehow led into the decision to finally write a Paine/Nooj 'ship manifesto. I figure, I've chattered at enough people about the pairing and all the evidence for it; might as well collect all my meta in one place. The first draft is basically finished, and now I'm letting it marinate for awhile. So tonight it's on to other things. I did spend some quality time with DSHnD -- it hasn't gotten enough love from me lately, and it was good to get back into the groove on it. Also a stand-alone Paine short, which is off to a nice start, although I'm not quite sure where it wants to go in terms of an ending. Unfortunately, I don't think is going to slot into any of the 30_fantasies themes. I had hopes that it might, since I haven't posted anything over there for two months and don't want to let my claim die, but I really don't see it happening.

In completely unrelated news, the new Barenaked Ladies album is out today, on the iTunes Music Store! [Edit: Not any more. Must have been an accident. Whoops. Not sure whether to feel guilty or not... though I did pay, fair and square.] :) It's a little odd, though. Since they've been playing these songs live, some of them for years now, almost none of the songs are completely new to me. So it's not quite the usual "woo, new music!" experience that a new album from a favorite band usually is. I am happy to hear the studio recordings, and it's fun to compare, but it's a bit of a letdown that I much preferred some of them live. But I'm not really complaining. I will never argue with new BNL. And it was fun to listen along with luvmoose and swap impressions about the various versions.

So yeah. A good weekend. Pretty much exactly what I hoped it would be. Now I can approach the impending end-of-quarter craziness with a fresh mind. Yay.
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