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Demolition derby

The SF Bay Bridge is currently undergoing a huge renovation to bring it up to modern seismic standards. It's been going on for years and is scheduled to finish sometime in 2009. (This is just the retrofit of the San Francisco side. The new bridge, the Oakland side, is also under construction and probably won't be done until 2016 at the earliest.) Over the Labor Day weekend, they demolished a small portion of the upper deck. In order to do this, they had to close the bridge in the eastbound direction entirely, for the whole long weekend. It's supposed to reopen at 5am tomorrow.

Since we only live two blocks from the demolition site, of course we had to go take a look. T, a big fan of large-scale construction and demolition projects, took several pictures. Here are some of them.

See where that crane is? And the big empty space to its left? On Friday morning, that was a roadway.

The same spot, about three hours later. (Note that the sun is out now. The difference between late morning and early afternoon in San Francisco.)

Compare to a photo taken from almost the exact same spot a little less than a year ago, before the Harrison Street offramp was demolished.

As I was pulling these pictures together, I noticed that the distant sound of jackhammers had stopped for the first time since very early Saturday morning. They're back now, intermittently, along with the dumptrucks taking away all the debris. We've been able to hear the noise from the bridge retrofit off and on almost since I started living here, in 2000, and for the most part I'm used to it. Still, headphones can be a blessing.

And now, for something completely different: Lexi climbing the walls!
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