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She thinks it's time for me to prepare her evening meal of wet food. And she's not wrong, but I just got settled down to write and I don't really want to give up the moment. So she's just going to have to wait.

Saturday was May Day, an important holiday on my personal calendar. When I was in college, it was an annual day of celebration, a chance to lounge about on the campus drinking champagne, eating strawberries, observing rituals, and destressing before finals. Now it's an excuse for an alumnae picnic, with plenty of strawberries, rituals, and lounging. All that was missing was the champange, and the finals (but I didn't feel the lack of those too much). Probably the best part was reconnecting with a college friend I hadn't seen since she graduated, a year before me. She lived down the hall from me when I was a frosh, and her suite was my escape hatch, the place I went to hang out when the crush of college got to be too much. We didn't stay as close in later years -- for one thing, we never lived in the same dorm again -- but I will always be grateful to her for that, and Saturday I finally got the chance to tell her. Most satisfying.

I'm slowly working on my Netflix list. A got me a two-month subscription as an unemployment present, one of the best gifts I've ever received, so I've easily seen a dozen films in the last month or so. The most recent film was Waiting for Guffman, which somehow I'd never gotten around to seeing. I guess it got overhyped, because while I had a permanent smile of amusement and did laugh out loud many times, it wasn't the religious experience I was expecting. I saw Best in Show in the theater and thought it was hysterical, so maybe it was a "been-there-done-that" kind of feeling. Also, the Corky St. Clair character is literally a dead ringer for one of the editors I used to manage in my old job -- looks, voice, facial expressions, mannerisms, the works. It's eeire, almost like my co-worker was conciously imitating Christopher Guest. So that was distracting. A Mighty Wind is currently on deck, but I think I need to wait, put a couple of very different movies between them to keep from overloading on the Guest-style comedy.

It's interesting, reading over my past entries. My internal editor kicks in, thinking of ways to re-word the writing. I wonder whether it's better to keep the historical record or to improve my prose.
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