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If you care, you probably already know this, but just in case: a new DSHnD chapter is up.

I apologize for the schedule having become rather more erractic lately. Life has just gotten in the way more often in the last couple of months, and we'd rather have something good than rush a chapter out. Next week should be on Wednesday as per usual. Of course, I've said that before. ;)

Tonight we had a fine, fine dinner at a Vietnamese fusion place. Not every dish was a gem but most of it was very good. Some of us ordered tea with our dessert. Our pots were presented to us by a tea sommelier (note to SE: that is the proper term), who informed me that my oolong was unusually tannic and so should be steeped less time than usual. And he gave SE equally specific advice for perparing and enjoying her pueh-ehr. Most impressive. As was the tea. (He was right about the tannin, though. One of the strongest oolongs I've ever had, and I barely let it steep at all.)

And now I sleep. Very glad tomorrow is Friday. This has been a long week.
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