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Today is my second wedding anniversary. Since it's a Tuesday, and I'm still sick, I don't know that we'll do anything special, besides maybe go out to dinner. We might have gone out last weekend if this cold hadn't taken me down. Ah, the timing of life.

In some ways it seemed like a formality, getting married -- we'd lived together for over four years by September 26, 2004, and been a couple for going on six. Sometimes I think the eight-year relationship is the real accomplishment, not two years of marriage. But this is the formal date; this is the one we mark. (Although I doubt I will forget 12/18/98, either. I can't remember the exact date of our engagement, though. Sometime in April 2003, close to Easter. And yet in some way that was the most important part of the whole processes, deciding to get married in the first place. Funny how our brains, and our society, choose which anniversaries are worth celebrating.)

It's good. I know I'm pretty lucky, to have T as my partner. I know I don't always act like it. Something to think about, and work on.
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