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Boy mayor report (or: a hairy political issue)

It has often been said that only in San Francisco would the candidates' hair become an actual issue in electoral politics. And yet, that's exactly what happened in 2003, when Gavin Newsom ran against Matt Gonzalez. Gonzalez had floppy, messy hair; Newsom a very polished, gelled look. All kinds of articles and discussion about whether it was indicitive of personality differences and whatnot. In the end I voted for Newsom and have never regretted it, too much gel or no. And I don't mind the helmet head look so much; it works for him.

But still, when the mayor goes out for the first time without his shellacking, it's big news. All over.

And, I kinda have to say: rowr. Floppy hair and glasses? Count me in.
Tags: city life, current events, politics

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