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Various writing things

Laid-Off Dad helpfully informs us that November is a month not only for novel writers, but for blog writers as well:

National Blog Writing Month

A novel in a month? Not happening, especially right now. But a bit of something every day? That will be good writing practice, I think, especially if I try to write something real each day, be it a life tidbit or short fic or something about world happenings. We'll see how it goes, of course, but I want to try it. And if you're all sick of me by the end, well, I suppose that's useful information.

In the fanfiction arena, it's been odd these last few days, not having DSHnD to work on. Well, really what's odd is not having any long project to work on. When I first got started writing, AGL presented itself almost right away, and DSHnD came almost on its heels. I have plenty of shorts in various stages, written and otherwise, plus a meta project and the 30_fantasies challenge, but no one idea is presenting itself as "the next big thing". One thing I've seen people do is make a list of WiP/significant plot bunnies, in the hopes of organizing them all in one place, and maybe getting some feedback ("That sounds like a great/terrible idea!!"). So, let's try that.

  • Paine/Nooj 'ship manifesto: First draft basically complete, but it needs a lot of fleshing out in places. It's not "due" until December 5th, but I plan to get it done well before that.

  • Fic for ff_anon: No real status report possible for obvious reasons ;) but let's just say I started it.

  • Immediate post-game P/N fic, Confessional universe: Been working on this on and off for months. 4700 words and definitely not done, but I'm not sure it has enough substance to be a multi-chapter story either. So we'll see.

  • Beclem backstory one-shot: I know, I've been listing this as a planned WiP for ages. I really do want to write it someday. Not yet started.

  • B/Y story: Another idea I've been thinking about for a long time; Separated was meant to be the hook for it, but I don't yet have any clear idea of how to proceed. Back-burner for now.

  • HP oneshot: peachespig planted the idea for this one awhile ago, a story about the use and effects of the Felix Felicis potion. My brain has been so steeped in FFX/X-2 canon, I don't know how easily I could make the switch into another universe, and I am a little nervous about dipping a toe in the Potter fandom, but I really like the idea. So I probably will write it eventually.

  • KH2/FFX-2 crossover: We know what happened to YRP, but what about the others? This one will be multi-chapter. The first chapter is written, and then I'm blocked. I'm working on a KH2 replay right now, and I think that will help, spending more time with the new characters.

  • Paine claim for 30_fantasies: I have a couple of specific ideas for a few of the themes (Fire for sure, possibly also Final Fantasy and Nature vs. Technology), after that we'll have to see where the bunnies find me. No new ones for this started yet.

  • Multi-chapter fic to cover the time between "Chasing My Past" and AGL: One scene written. (It's basically P/N comfort food, and I don't know whether it will actually make the cut or not.) My ideas for that time period are so vague, I only have a couple of scene flashes in my head and I'm not sure they'll ever make a coherent story. Possibly.

That's the complete inventory, I think. Of course, who knows what chat or request or ficlet will turn over a new rock, under which a plot bunny lurks. And if I'm resorting to metaphors that tortured, maybe I should stop for now.
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