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Fandom silliness

So today's fanthropology Friday Challenge was to imagine your fandom as a nation. I couldn't resist, and with the help of heyheyrenay came up with an answer for FF. Under her orders, I'm crossposting it here.

The Final Fantasy Federation

The Final Fantasy Federation is a loosely allied group of nation-states. The borders are quite porous, and many of its citizens hold dual (or triple, or quadruple) residency. Fighting between the various states is rare, although at times hostilities can erupt between the "Old School" and "New School" alliances. The "Old School" nations, particularly Four and Six, are currently going through a period of rebuilding, and will go to any lengths to attract new residents.

Fights and even wars within individual nation-states are not uncommon. Currently, Seven is undergoing a bitter civil war, with some residents trying to keep the state whole while others are attempting to break it into factions with names like OGC, AC, and DoC, with a few simply escaping into the nearby Kingdom Hearts Republic. Ten went through a similar upheaval a few years back, but it came through the skirmishes mostly intact, with only a few residents banished to DenialofSequeltown.

Two new regions, Twelve and Thirteen, are starting build infrastructure and attract citizens. The borders of Twelve will officially open in two weeks, and many observers are wondering how this will affect the health of the FF Federation as a whole.

So, what did I miss? ;)
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