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I hate coming up with subject lines for posts like this

Tomorrow morning I'm heading down to Monterey for a few days to attend a conference. It doesn't actually start until Monday, but I decided to get a hotel room for Sunday night so I wouldn't need to leave at some ungodly hour on Monday morning. Instead I'm taking the opporunity to hook up with friends; we'll wander Carmel and taste some wine. T may join us, too.

This is my first professional conference and I'm sort of excited about that. I've wanted to attend this particular one for years, since I was in library school even, so getting to go as a real live librarian is pretty cool. I also hope to hook up with former collegues from library school and my dotcom days. The latter will be sort of a crap-shoot, since I never made any plans, but I know for a fact that at least one will be there. And then my grad school alumni association is having a reception on Tuesday, so that should be a good networking moment, even if no one I knew is around. And then there's the fact that I get to go hang out in Monterey for three days. I love Monterey, it's beautiful and Cannery Row is just my kind of kitsch, and the change of scene will, I think, do me good. It's not a vacation, exactly, but it's not really "work" either, and I can really use a break from workplace stress right now.

I am borrowing T's old laptop, so I won't be completely offline. But I don't plan to lug it around with me during the day, so just in the evenings I expect.

In mostly unrelated news, tonight was the school fashion show. When I walked in the door, one of the first people to spot me was the head of the fashion design department, and she immediately ushered me into "the VIP room". I was not expecting to rate VIP status! (It seems to have been all the faculty and staff, so I didn't let it go to my head.) So I got some food, which was good, and some schmoozing with a few faculty members I don't get to see much. Then the fashion show, which I was surprised to enjoy. Some of the stuff was boring, and some of it was crazy-way-out-there (I swear I saw yarn bobbles on at least one dress), but one guy made some gorgeous silk gowns and another designed four truly amazing costumes. (They both won in their categories, and deservedly so.) The whole production was quite professional and I came away really impressed.
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