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So here I am in Monterey, surfing away on this borrowed laptop, using a thoroughly insecure wireless connection. I had a fine day with SE and SF, tasting wine (purchases: a bottle of sherry, a bottle of blackberry wine (made from blackberries, not grapes, oh so tasty), and a gift), eating cheese, wandering around Carmel, watching the waves, and having a fine dinner (with free dessert! when they were out of the dish I wanted).

It's weird, pecking away on this laptop. All PC and strange, without any of my files or most of my usual programs, plus a terrible set-up ergonomically. Maybe I should go sprawl on my bed instead. Mmm, IMing and writing in bed. That sounds mighty decedant! I think I'll have to try it...
Tags: food, friends, meta, mundane, travel
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