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So I have survived my first day! Except for the opening keynote, which was rather random with very little connection to the topic at hand, all the sessions have been interesting and, once I've had some time to digest, I'll expect they'll be useful too. On topics like creating useable websites and how to figure out what your patrons want and cool new Internet search tools and tricks. I "track-hopped" today, but the next couple of days I expect to spend on the social computing track for the most part, learning about stuff like using RSS and wikis and IM and MySpace to connect with users.

I ran into a few people I knew, from the dotcom, and a vendor rep I used to work with. I left early, though, because the last bit was just a huge schmooze fest and I'm so bad at networking with strangers. Hopefully it will be easier tomorrow, when I might recognize some faces.

And now, time to find some dinner.
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