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My boss mentioned to me the other day that you can always tell who your fellow librarians are when you attend a conference, and I've been noticing that here. Something about the librarian look; it's not really a fashion thing, just a vibe.

Although I suppose it might have more to do with the bright chartreuse tote bags they gave us.

Today was quite interesting, and I think also useful in terms of ideas. I did end up sticking with the social computing track, and I saw sessions about podcasting, Flickr, MySpace and Facebook, and jazzing up library webpages with syndicated content. Most of it isn't super practical for my job at this moment, but I do have a renewed committment to getting the library into social networks. Chatted a little with that speaker after the session and got some tips (and a business card). Tomorrow I think will be more on similar topics, unless I decide to session hop again.

Then was the reception for graduates of my library school, which was nice. Only one person there I recognized from my time there, but we had a pleasant chat, and I talked with several other folks as well, including the new director of the school (who seems a decent and personable fellow. I got a much better vibe off him than the woman who used to be the director when I was there, whom I never really cared for). Then I was conferenced out, so I skipped the evening session (which was more about hardcore online scholarship which isn't so relevant to me right now anyway).

It's been fun, and tomorrow will be useful I think, but it will also be nice to sleep in my own bed and talk to my husband and pet my cats.
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