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“So, one of the interesting things about being at a conference is that after you have been seeing the same faces for three days, they all start looking familiar. When you see someone across the room that you think you recongize, you have to ask yourself is this is just somebody that I saw give a presentation? Or is this someone who happens to have been in a lot of presentations with me? Or is this someone that I'm actually supposed to know? Very awkward, especially if you're too far away to read their nametag.

Another interesting thing that I've learned, well something that I already knew, but really it's more a reminder than anything, is how very bad I am at schmoozing. There's almost nothing that I would rather not do than spend half an hour wandering around the exhibit hall trying to make eye contact or conversation with people that I've never met before. It doesn't come very naturally to me. I suppose it doesn't come very naturally to the rest of them either. Maybe they've just had more practice. I suppose that means that I need to go to more conferences so I'll get more practice. Maybe they'll send me to conferences in other places, that are farther away. That would be fun.

It's been a good conference. I'm glad I'm here. I'm looking forward to today's presentations, more social computing stuff. Including a session on wiki, which is something I don't know much about and I really want to learn more. So that should be good. But I'll be happy to home too. I'm glad that I'm leaving today. I'm still trying to decide whether to stay for the last speech and just skip out at 3:30. I think I will skip out on lunch. It's another reception in the exhibit hall.”

Transcribed by: luvmoose
Tags: librarian, voicepost, work update
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