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Home yay

I met up T on the way back and we had a lovely dinner and it was very nice. Now I am at home on my own computer and with my own kitties playing with the cat fisher in the background and I am happy.

I did end up staying for the closing session and was glad I did. The topic was "Social Computing and the Information Professional" but she ended up talking about gaming. Librarian, computer scientist, important thinker... and World of Warcraft addict. She had lots of interesting things to say about incorporating games and gaming (not just video games, but game-style learning) into libraries and it was cool.

It turns out that the red sandals are excellent conference shoes. Comfortable for standing and walking, and also they catch people's attention. Maybe I should go hunting again for them in black.

I really really want to go play with wikis now.

I have a feeling that there are other things I wanted to say about the conference, but I'm blank right now. Maybe I will bore you all to death with my notes at some pont. ;)
Tags: librarian, mundane, travel, work update

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