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Notes from a gray morning

This is one of those days for which San Francisco is known, if you live here: low gray clouds, a soft dripping rain. From the train platform, I could see the bridge disappearing into the mists, Yerba Buena island barely visable, the Port of Oakland just some dim lights in the distance. I guess that means fall is here. Since it's November 2nd I can't really complain, but except for that one heatwave and a couple of nice weeks last month we didn't get much of a summer.

I've been wearing a lot of red the last few days. I'd say it's to counteract the weather but it was actually sunny yesterday morning. Maybe it's all an excuse to wear the red shoes, which are more comfortable every day. Dansko sandals for the win.

Also: The six-word-story challenge. Many of these are great, but I think Margaret Atwood's is the best. Anyone want to give it a try?
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