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Night photographs

I may have mentioned before that we live right around the corner from SBC Park, the baseball stadium where the SF Giants play. On Thursday and Friday nights (actually throughout the week), a ski jump was constructed in the ballpark for a big event yesterday -- they brought in artificial snow for a winter sports exhibition. The ridiculousness of such a thing aside, T was taken with the way the place looked, so those two nights he pulled out the camera and took a little fieldtrip. (I joined him on Thursday, to keep him company and carry the tripod.) Here are some of the pictures.

I like the way the lights reflect in the water.

The sculpture is "Sea Change" by Mark di Suvero. Supposedly it moves in the wind but I've never noticed it.

Tree leaves lit by blue neon and by orange streetlights.

Several more, including more of the boats, in the gallery.
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