August 3rd, 2004


twistin' in the pool

One of the things I enjoy about aqua aerobics is the Zen state I sometimes reach during class. I'll find myself completely in the moment, mind completely blank, where nothing exists besides the water, the music, and the teacher's voice. My body makes the movements without any concious thoughts on my part: it gets into a groove. It rarely lasts long, though, because as soon as I notice it, it's over -- I can only appreciate the moment in hindsight. I'd love to figure out how to simply recognize the mood without actively thinking about it.

Today was a good class, lots of arm and ab work on top of a good cardio workout. (My stomach muscles will be feeling it in the morning, though!) I was just thinking about asking the teacher to include the abs in every workout when she announced that this would be her last class -- she's leaving the Y to go be a full-time realtor. It's too bad, although I can understand the financial incentive. I just hope they find someone as good to replace her.