November 21st, 2004


oh the things I've seen

Map meme snagged from GC. It must have made the rounds awhile ago, but I couldn't resist.

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I already knew about the my main gaps -- the Southwest, the Great Plains, New England (although now that luvmoose lives there I should be able to get to those states). But I had forgotten that I haven't really been to many states of the Deep South, either. I didn't count states that I've only driven through once (or taken the train through, or stopped at an airport in) unless I clearly remember stopping and doing something there other than eat and buy gas. The count of states I've physically been in is somewhat higher -- that gets me the South (mostly from the fast road trip my family took from Iowa to Florida to see my dying grandfather when I was 10), the Southwest (I drove through at breakneck speed to get home from Bryn Mawr for Christmas my frosh year; we made the trip in literally 60 hours, so I didn't see much -- I think I slept through all of Texas), and Rhode Island (took the train through once to get from Boston to Philadelphia). But I don't feel like that really counts as "visiting" a state.

I would like to get to every state eventually. I'd love to do big road trips to catch my gaps. I missed my best chance for the Great Plains, though, the year that S was living in Montana. I meant to visit her. We even talked about going to Yellowstone, where I've also never been. But T had no interest and I never ended up having the time and the money simultaneously to go by myself.

I wonder if there's a similar map-making thing for the countries of the world?

map update

plantgirl tells me I'm being too hard on myself, not counting the road trip states. So here it is. I still don't count Texas, because we only went through the panhandle and I literally slept the whole time (except for five minutes while getting gas in Amarillo, and it was dark so I didn't see anything).

She also pointed me to the world map on the same site. It's much lamer, because I've barely been anywhere. But it's not bad, considering that it would have been basically blank only a little over 3 years ago -- I took my first international trip, to Europe, in 2001. I didn't even get a passport until that year.

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