February 28th, 2005


what banned books have I read?

Snagged from plantgirl.


Bold the ones you've read.
Italicize the ones you've read part(s) of.
Underline the ones you would like to read.

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I've only read 27 of them, and the vast majority of those were for a class in high school at some point. Not that I object to the content of any of them, but many are nonfiction or "great literature" that are not generally to my taste. Some of them I feel like I "ought" to read, but there are so many other things I genuinely want to read that I may never get around to it.

the great job hunt: update

I've been meaning to mention this for awhile: I have a job, sort of. It's part-time, temporary work for a human rights nonprofit that concentrates on sexual minorities and people with HIV. The main office is located in New York, but there's a satellite in San Francisco and that's where I'm working. It's a fairly administrative position, but I also get to do some research. My boss is a good guy and I'm enjoying working for him. He doesn't know how long he'll get to keep funding for my position, but it's good for now.

I'm also finally starting to get some bites on job applications I've sent out! I had a phone interview today (I think it went pretty well), have a preliminary interview for another position tomorrow, and am waiting to hear back from someone else regarding getting an interview scheduled for yet another job. These are all academic librarian positions. It's very gratifying to get these interviews, no matter what comes of them -- it means that I'm a viable candidate for real library jobs! I'd been worried about that, since I have no professional library experience. So I'm glad to learn that something about me looks good on paper.

I am still exploring working in the nonprofit world, too. I'm still not sure which I'd rather do -- I'd like to keep an open mind for both. We shall see.