March 18th, 2005


train warp

I had some time to kill after work today (I finished around 4:00, and I wasn't meeting S to head for dinner until 6:00), so I headed for Union Square. I ended up at Macy's, trying on an outfit that I liked the look of on a mannequin -- a skirt and jacket combination. Not that I had any intention of buying it; mostly I wondered if something that appealed to me on a mannequin would work on my actual body. I decided that I approved of the general style (flowy mid-calf skirt with an asymmetrical hemline which drew attention nicely to the curves in my legs, tailored suede suit jacket that hides many sins), but when the jacket is hot pink, the answer is no. The color is just all wrong for my skin tone. Now if it had been purple, or green (I am picturing that exact jacket in dark green right now, mmm), or the right shade of blue, or even fire engine red... It was an interesting experiment, at any rate.

When it was time to head over to S's office, I went to catch a train at Powell Station. As I was waiting, the system announced the next trains going in the other direction. "Approaching... outbound, one car, J. Followed by... one car, J, in two minutes. One car, J, in four minutes." Now the J train is only one of 5 lines that run through the Muni subway, and it's the one that runs least often, so my curiosity was piqued. Then my inbound train pulled up to the station. It was, yes, another J. It was rather strange, as if I had fallen into a parallel universe where only J trains run.

I got up at the next stop, and a different train ("...two car, M, M.") was arriving. Thus was the spell broken.