June 16th, 2005


Who needs sleep? (Well, you're never gonna get it.)

Wee hours excitement!

Fire alarm went off about an hour ago. We tumbled out of bed, expecting the usual false alarm. Then we smelled smoke. Okay, time to get serious. We threw on robes, puttered around waking up for a few minutes. I checked the door; it's cool. T goes to look at the scene from the window. He sees a small fire on the porch of a downstairs unit. Out we go (taking the hall the opposite direction from the flames, of course). Then the hanging out and waiting begins. After about 45 minutes, we're allowed back in the building -- there are still some problems with the sprinklers (the garage is flooded, we'll see what the fallout from that thing is) but everything is basically clear. We've been smelling varnish fumes for the last couple of days, so our best guess is that they left some rags piled up and they caught fire.

Now there's lots of commotion going on in front of our windows -- cleanup, firefighters talking with each other and the owner of the offending unit. We can also hear the water resetting in our sprinkler pipes, which is a little unsettling, as is the smell of smoke that hasn't entirely dissipated. It doesn't help that the alarm went off again, briefly, just as I had settled back into bed. I'm totally wiped out, though, so I should at least try to go back to sleep.

they'll be there for you

Wow, I've been in post mode lately. But I just had to share this news story off BBC Health:

Friends 'help people live longer'

Researchers in Australia found evidence that having close ties to family doesn't affect length and quality of life, but having a network of friends and acquaintances does.

Fascinating implications for importance of "family of choice" vs. "family of origin" IMHO. I hope to see more research and reports on this topic.
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