September 8th, 2005


goin' immobile

I have survived the doctor's office and am now back at work. She checked out the arm and sent me for x-rays. The news there was good: no bone or other obvious tissue damage, from either this trauma or the original injury. (She gave me printouts of the x-rays, which is actually pretty cool.) I have to wear an immobilizer for a week, then go back for a check-up. Physical therapy etc. will be discussed at that time.

The immobilizer is a quite a device. I wore one much like it last time, although this one is more nicely padded. It's essentially a band that straps around my waist with two cuffs for my arm, one around the bicep and one around the wrist. I may slip my wrist in and out of the lower cuff so that I can do things like drive and type, but I am under strict orders to keep the upper arm still. No lugging around of books, obviously. Already I am remembering how I handled the business of daily life when I wore one of these 13 years ago. But my life was so different then: I was a college student living on campus, where my biggest concerns were figuring out how to wash my hair, take notes (I was much less free to take off the wrist cuff that time), and get my tray around the dining hall. Today, I have work responsibilities, I have to drive to get there and back, I have a home and a life to run. T will accommodate, he is very good about that, but still. Well, I will make it work.