September 27th, 2005


important announcement

In honor of today's release of the new Outlander book, and in the tradition of September as the appropriate month for holidays in honor of fake accents, I declare today, September 27th, Talk With a Bad Scottish Accent Day.

Aye, wi' a bad Scottish accent. I havena heard anyone who wasna a Scot able to fake a Scottish accent that wasna sair awful. But if ye can prove me wrong, I'll no argue an' I'll thank ye for it.

Now, I dinna mean to insult pirates. After all, we hae pirates to thank for keepin' global warming at bay. But their day is past. Today it's time to celebrate another sort of braw, bonnie lad: the Scotsman. If there be any sight more stirrin' than a verra fine Scottish laddie all decked out in his tartan, I dinna ken it.

Lassies and laddies, cheeties and bairns, will ye no join me in celebratin' this fair day?


There are bugs in my library.

Something crashed into the wall and then disappeared a few minutes ago, and now I hear it scratching down around my computer. And then I saw what looked like a huge cricket walking across the floor. I want to know what's down there, but I'm too freaked to look. And now I'm hearing little cracking and scritching noises everywhere and feeling crawlies on my toes. I'm sure the latter at least is in my head but still. Gaaah!