September 28th, 2005


rpg funny

This may be old news to the rest of you gamers, but I'd never seen it before and found it highly amusing.

The Grand List of Console Role-Playing Game Cliches

Let's not mince words: you're a thief. You can walk into just about anybody's house like the door wasn't even locked. You just barge right in and start looking for stuff. Anything you can find that's not nailed down is yours to keep. You will often walk into perfect strangers' houses, lift their precious artifacts, and then chat with them like you were old neighbors as you head back out with their family heirlooms under your arm. Unfortunately, this never works in stores.

No matter what timeframe the game is set in -- past, present, or future -- the main hero and his antagonist will both use a sword for a weapon. (Therefore, you can identify your antagonist pretty easily right from the start of the game just by looking for the other guy who uses a sword.) These swords will be far more powerful than any gun and often capable of distance attacks.

And no matter how big that big-ass sword is, you won't stand out in a crowd. Nobody ever crosses the street to avoid you or seems to be especially shocked or alarmed when a heavily armed gang bursts into their house during dinner, rummages through their posessions, and demands to know if they've seen a black-caped man. People can get used to anything, apparently.

musical tidbits

Second lines added.

This has been the day of the song meme. I don't know how that happened, but it's been a lot of fun. Even if I didn't always have time to play along.

On a mostly unrelated note, I recently learned something that makes me very happy: next Spring Quarter, my chorus is going to perform Mozart's Requiem. I have been singing in choruses since the eighth grade. I have never sung Mozart's Requiem. Learning the Mozart been high on my list of things to accomplish before I die for many, many years. Finally I will have the opportunity. Yay!