November 23rd, 2005


chapter up

AGL 39 is up, here.

Most of this chapter, about the first three-quarters, has been drafted for a long time. Months and months. In fact, I believe I wrote it before I even started on my part of The Confessional. So this has been awhile in the making. Compared to most things I write far ahead, this piece has stayed essentially intact -- I added some things and cut one partial scene, but for the most part it is unchanged from the original draft, just tightened and broadened and polished.

The next chapter is also almost finished, and large portions of the chapter following are drafted as well. We may get a few in quick succession here. Then again, we may not, with holidays and travel getting in the way. I'll have to see how my time shakes out.


More lines.

We had cats on the bed for the first time last night. Lexi just hung out for a few minutes, but Tori wanted to play. We ignored her and she went away. Still no foot or face attacking. We'll see how long that lasts. (If our houseguests' experience was representative, the answer is probably: not very.) At the moment they are running around downstairs, probably waking T up with their galloping.

Time for work. I am looking forward to this long weekend like you would not believe.