December 22nd, 2005



A very special Thursday song game today, 10am/1pm. Catch the excitement!

So I had a surprising customer service moment yesterday. I was at the satellite campus, and before I started work I went to the little coffee shop downstairs as I do every morning that I work at that location. I've been a little worried for this coffee place, because a Peet's just moved in next door. (I'm not used to thinking of Peet's as an evil empire that threatens local businesses; it's jarring.) Anyway, I greeted the owner -- I'm enough of a regular that he recognizes me, I'm by once or twice a week on average -- and paid for my coffee. He handed me my change, and then a bottle of wine, saying "Merry Christmas!"

I was pretty flabbergasted. Now there's a way to inspire customer loyalty!

seven deadlies, again

It's a spam day! Posting against the time, soon, when I will be away for several days (visiting the in-laws in Southern Cal, Saturday evening through Tuesday).

Anyway. I thought this Seven Deadly Sins quiz was much better than the other one. Maybe would have rated Wrath a little higher and Pride a little less. Snagged from waterowl

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