January 13th, 2006


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(More lines. I'm mildly surprised one of these is still unguessed, although not as surprised as I was by the Police song that never went last week.)

My work keyboard died a few days ago, and they salvaged me another one. It's a real MS Natural keyboard, which is a definite improvement over the weird Belkin thing they bought me way back when. But I'm having to get used to it -- the other keyboard had some weird key layouts, which drove me nuts for a long time, but I eventually adjusted to them. Now I'm having to readjust to normalcy.

A little nervous about today; I'm helping one of the instructors run a resume-writing workshop. It's sort of a dry run for our big career fair next Wednesday, where I'm going to be in charge of one of these sessions myself. That'll be nerve wracking. On the plus side, I get to use my fancy degree initials in the career fair program since I'm presenting. I never get to use the fancy degree initials.

new chapter

Second chapter of "Salvage" is up. This one came easily, for the most part. The third and final chapter is drafted, but it needs a lot more work than either of the others did. Hopefully I'll figure it all out once I sit down and start seriously editing.