February 28th, 2006

golden gate bridge


As I was walking to my car today, it occurred to me that I won't be doing that much longer. Not as part of my daily commute, anyway. Instead, I'll be hopping on the Muni, which for part of my trip is a subway. There's a part of me that's always wanted to take the subway to work; somehow, it just seems like it ought to be a part of the urban experience. And now, or in two weeks anyway, I will.

Ah, the little things.
towel dog

Life of its own

How is it that my last post, which was supposed to be a bit of bouncing over my new job and some thoughts on urban living, turned into a discussion of knitting?

Ah, LiveJournal. Gotta love it. ;)
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Congratulations to the Friends List, which just did something it's never managed to do before: cleaned out an entire song lyrics game on the first line. In less than two hours, even. Every song guessed, and the theme discovered. You win.... well, as usual, nothing. I wish I had some sort of a prize for you all. But I'm at work, so I can't even reward you with a new cat pictures. Maybe I'll think of something.

I would say "must have been too easy" but actually there were a couple of tricky ones in there. So, again, nice work.

Shakespeare funnies

A few weeks ago, I picked up the radio plays of The Reduced Shakespeare Company at the iTunes store. I've been listening whenever I have a long stretch in the car (the only time I really like listening to spoken-word performance is while driving), and I recommend them to anyone who enjoys a bit of literary wackiness. Here is a prime example, from the episode that covers all the histories in forty-five minutes.

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You see what I mean.

They have a few DVDs out. Their only other audio work appears to be "The Bible (Abridged)". I may just have to check that one out, too.