March 5th, 2006


gratuitous birthday post -- mine!

Thanks for all the kind wishes! (Email, LJ notes, IM messages, pictures of cats on my cellphone, virtual balloons, etc...) :)

Because my birthday almost always falls during or right after a concert week, I almost never get my act together to plan anything, and this year has been no exception. So far today has been an enjoyably lazy day. I've spent most of it playing around with DSHnD: writing, editing, plotting. The plotting bit is always a lot of fun -- throwing ideas back and forth, figuring out what happens next and what scene goes where and how everyone will react to different things -- so overall it has been a perfectly enjoyable way to spend a birthday. Especially since the weather is atricious (rain, wind, cold) and I'm completely wiped out from concerts two nights in row. I do love the Brahms dearly, but it is a taxing piece to sing; a good hour long, and it is non-stop for the chorus (no long solo sections where we get to take a breather -- which is actually good in some ways).

I will do something more social eventually. Maybe a dinner some weekend soon, although I've also been toying with the idea of throwing myself a 33-1/3rd birthday party in July. Just because the number amuses me. (I guess that means I'm confessing my age. Oh well, now you all know!)

The other thing I'm doing for my birthday is spending the evening with Jon Stewart. The Academy Awards started 45 minutes ago, so I think enough of it is now cued up on the Tivo that I can start watching. (Assuming I can drag T away from Metal Gear Solid. But he's been playing all afternoon, and plus it's my birthday, so...)

Have a good evening, everyone! See you tomorrow. (Last week at work!!!)