March 15th, 2006

golden gate bridge

Celebrity sighting!

Gavin Newsom, Boy Mayor, was spotted outside my workplace today. I was walking between buildings, on my third fruitless attempt to get some keys (fortunately the fourth was successful, accomplished when the facilities manager actually called my office and said "Come right now, I promise not to move a muscle until you get here!"), and there he was, chatting with the denizens of UN Plaza and pressing the flesh. I didn't get a good look at his face, but I recognized him right away: by his hair. Really. That shellacked coiff is highly distinctive. I briefly considered trying to slip in for a hello and a handshake, but there were too many people and I needed to get back to the library. Then I got upstairs and the place was buzzing -- apparently the library tech is a huge Gavin Newsom fangirl (yes, such things exist, I'm on the border of being one myself), and as soon as word got around that he was outside she ran downstairs and met him.

I wish I'd had my phone on me. Teach me not to carry it at all times!