March 22nd, 2006

ffx - auron with nooj

new chapter!

Another Wednesday, another chapter of DSHnD.

Despite life craziness, the two of us got on a roll and wrote a chapter so long that it had to be split in half. This is the first of that pair. The collaboration methods we have settled into are working beautifully -- some sections we basically write on our own, although usually we discuss at least the shape of everything first, then put them up for the other's comments and suggestions. Other parts, though, are written completely collaboratively, taking turns at the paragraph and sometimes even the sentence level. So far, I think everything we've done in this way has come out beautifully.

The story continues to enthrall both of its authors, and I hope our readers are similarly enchanted.

I didn't know there was going to be a test!

The moose test.

"The Moose test, also known as the Elk test, Älgtest in Swedish, has been used in Sweden for decades to test how a certain vehicle, usually an automobile, acts when avoiding a sudden danger, such as a moose."

I had never heard of this before. The dangers of moose on roadways, yes, but never this moose test concept. Perhaps I should not be so amused. And yet....