March 24th, 2006

hp - hermione mawrter


Ganked most happily from cosmorific.

I have survived my second week and it's all still going excellently well. Although my desk is already starting to collect piles of papers. I haven't gotten my desk organizer thingie yet, which will help, but there are only so many miracles that Office Depot can perform. Of course, just the fact that I have a desk that I am allowed to cover with papers fills me with joy. Along with being able to return my tchotckes to their rightful place on my moniter, and to pin my art postcards to the bulletin board over my desk, and to listen to music on my boss's CD player (no headphones unless we're concentrating on a heavy duty project, but that's okay). Sigh. :)

A sign?

So this.... thing is happening at SBC Park, right around the corner from my home. Sounds like Promise Keepers for a new generation. Gay marriage is destroying the fabric of our society and so forth -- they marched here from City Hall (being as SF City Hall is gay marriage central and all). Lovely.

A few moments ago, the heavens opened and rain started pouring down. Pouring down. It's still falling, pounding heavily against our roof.

Perhaps Someone is expressing disapproval?