April 11th, 2006

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I finished reading Pride and Prejudice today. As a result, I can no longer say that I've never read a book by Jane Austen. Somehow I never managed to have Austen assigned in a class, and I don't tend to pick up classics on my own unless prodded. Nothing particularly prodded me this time, though; really, I just decided I ought to finish it. I made an attempt to read P&P several years back but didn't make it very far. This time I was determined to get through, and it went much more easily. What made the difference? It's possible this edit was more readable than the other, but I think the real answer is my recent understanding that the book is meant to be comic. Maybe "comic" is the wrong word... satire? Ironic commentary? Anyway, it's not a straight romance. So I picked it up with Austen's intentions in mind and I found it, overall, quite delightful.

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