April 13th, 2006

california - sign

Signs of spring

It didn't rain today. Not one drop. And the sun shone. Not the wimpy, anemic sun we've been getting lately, either, but real sunshine from a bright blue sky. And it was warm! I was able to go out and get my lunch without wearing a jacket! And as I drove home from dinner, after dropping off E at his house, I noticed the moon, and realized that I couldn't remember the last time I had seen it. Glorious.

I picked up my car at the garage after work, so I could meet E and the two of us could head off for dinner. As I stepped off the train, I was immediately met with the scent of garlic fries, wafting over from the ballpark. Between that, and the warm air, and my relaxed mood, I was transported to summer. It was a lovely moment. And finally.

They say the worst of the rain is over for awhile. I can only hope it's true.