May 5th, 2006

library - sign

Adult supervision

My boss is out of town for a conference for a few days. This makes me senior staff and, therefore, in charge of the library. A little daunting, although it's working out so far. Today is the tough one -- the assistant librarian doesn't work on Fridays, so I have to open *and* close. Which means that I got here at 7:45 AM and won't get out of here until after 7:00 PM. Fortunately I was able to knock off a little early yesterday, and I took a longish lunch (met T and S at this funky vegan Japanese restaurant, which was tasty if a bit odd), but it's a long day however you slice it. Hence, the LJ break.

One of the student workers today claimed that I have a bubbly personality. When I expressed surprise, she backed off to "friendly", which I can certainly agree with, especially in my "public service worker" persona, but bubbly? Not how I would describe myself. Not even vaguely.

In other news, I am finding this drabble thing completely addictive. It's not easy to craft a story with beginning, middle, and end in just 100 words, but it's fun, and once I get rolling on an idea it goes so quickly. I tend to ramble in my writing, as well as often using overly complex sentence structures, so being forced to tighten my prose to such an extent is a fascinating exercise, and worthwhile I think. I do suspect, however, that it's a lot easier with fanfic than it would be with original fiction, because the characters, and often times backstory, setting, etc., are already established.