May 30th, 2006

ffx - lucil as the chariot

Even though all of you who care have moved on from this by now....

I finally got around to watching "Advent Children" today. Never mind that it's been in the house for several weeks, and that the library copy came several days before that. (Yep, I talked my boss into ordering "Advent Children" for the library. It's an art school, we have programs in animation and game design, it was a natural fit. I had to convince her that it was something different from "The Spirits Within", but after that it was an easy sell. Why yes, I do love my job. Anyway.)

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It was worth watching. I'll probably check some of the special features -- any of them particularly worth watching? -- and I expect T will want to watch it at some point. He'll ask for the subtitles, so that will make for an interesting comparison.