July 4th, 2006

cats - nadia

home again home again

In San Francisco. Return flight uneventful (and totally empty, why couldn't I have had that luck on the red-eye I took flying out?). Home with cats and T, so that's good. Had much fun with luvmoose and anzubird seeing baseball and concerts and chocolate stores and beaches, also good. Too tired to say much more now (yay time difference) -- will check in with y'all in the morning. Good night.
hp - a few words

More seriously...

So this poll, about writing characters, comes from a conversation I had with cupcakemonster. Is it easier or harder to write characters with whom we identify, in terms of personality? (This is mostly geared toward fanfic writing, of course, but I bet some of this could apply to working with original characters as well.)

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ffx2 - paine

New Paine story posted

Theme: #5, Thief
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Wordcount: 1110

(Meeting in the Market)

Another pre-Yuna Gullwings story. Written (using, yes, pen and paper) while flying back from Boston last night. One of the quickest complete stories I've ever written -- the first draft, which is not that different from the last, was finished in under an hour.