August 13th, 2006

moose sign

So, I'm like, back. And stuff.

*rereads subject line* Southern California must have gotten to me. Anyway, home again. Saw SK which was wonderful as always. Then spent yesterday running around San Diego with the in-laws. First we toured the SS Midway, the former flagship of the US Navy. It felt weird in a way, spending an afternoon touring an implement of death and destruction. Part of me really wanted to be wearing some shirt with an anti-war slogan on it. But it was what my husband the engineer wanted to do, so we did it. The engine room was interesting, as were the talks on how airplanes take off and land on a carrier. Veronica Mars fans might be interested to know that I had a great view of the Coronado Bridge from the flight deck. If I looked the other way, I could see the USS Ronald Reagan docked at the local Naval station. Yeah.

Then we had dinner at a Chinese joint and then we went to the zoo. The zoo at night is cool. Lots of beasties out you don't normally see active. Like the fisher cats (T got video! I will post when I can), and the snow leopard, and the koala bears. And I finally saw the pandas -- all these trips to the San Diego Zoo, and I had never before seen the pandas. One of the babies was out, sleeping in top of a tree. Cutest thing ever.

Today was dim sum and then home. The airport was crowded but not crazed. It was funny to go through the security line with all these empty-handed people. Emptiest overhead bins I've ever seen on a plane. But then baggage claim took for-ever.

It's good to be back. Nice trip, even if I wish a little more rest had been involved. At least I don't have to be in early tomorrow.
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