August 23rd, 2006

vm - veronica

Return to Mars

I suppose I should have resisted, but I am weak.

At lunch today I went and picked up the second season of Veronica Mars. (Apologies to R&S; I just couldn't hold out until after Labor Day weekend. Forgive me.)

And now, to discover the answer to the question that has plagued philsophers, poets, and saints throughout the ages:

Who the hell is at the bloody door????
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I'm in this state where I'm too tired to write coherently, but the ideas are there and I don't want to give up and go to sleep in case I lose the threads entirely. Never quite sure what to do about that.

If it were for DSHnD or one of my other scheduled works in progress, I'd probably push through. But it's for this odd plot bunny that I'm not even sure is going to coalesce into a workable story. So that leaves open the question of whether it's even worth the effort to stay awake.

Of course, if I'm too sleepy to come up with a sensible way to end this LJ entry, fiction is probably beyond me. For tonight, that may be my answer.