November 8th, 2006

ffx2 - baralai justice

Cautious optimism pays off?

So I totally lied, and I ended up spending a good chunk of the night in front of my computer reloading CNN. But at least the news was mostly good, on a national level anyway. (There are some irritating things on the state and local level. But we will leave those be for now and savor the rest.)

As of the time that I'm writing this, not a single Democratic seat was lost to a Republican. Not one. I eventually switched the TV from CNN to ABC because I wanted some chance of local coverage (and because the CNN Crossfire-style analysis was bugging the hell out of me), and George Stephanopolis said that this has never happened before. There are a few House seats that might still break that way, but if it holds... wow. Not something I expected to see. But quite a sign.

I am thrilled about the House. I'm going to be represented by the Speaker! How cool is that? At this writing the Senate is still up in the air, mostly because of Virginia. We may be doomed to endless recounts there, but then we may not. Hope to know more in the morning. In a way, though, the most interesting thing is all the gubinatorial races that broke Democratic. The implications for 2008, and 2010 redistricting, are most encouraging. And South Dakota! That may actually be some of the best news from the whole night.

Anyway. Was it the perfect outcome? No (a clear take over of the Senate would have been ideal, and again some local stuff is not working out for me), but we are rid of some really odious folks (Rick Santorum comes to mind) and for once I feel like something has changed, like I have reason to be hopeful. Of course these are all projections and things can change. I probably shouldn't start passing out the party hats yet. But, well, I like party hats. So here, take one if you like.