July 8th, 2007

ffx2 - yuna

The return of the random pairing list!

Blame heyheyrenay for this one, she led me into this temptation, entirely. ;)

About a year ago, I posted a randomly generated pairing list for FFX and FFX-2, and much silliness ensued. Since I could use some silliness in my life right now, and half the fun in this for me is just generating the list in the first place, I present to you:

The FFX/X-2 Random Pairing List, 2

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As before, there's no need to request or claim, but if you're inspired to anything, crack or otherwise, a link in comments would be great. "Enjoy"! ;)

Oh boy, now I'm tempted to do one of these for FFXII too...

Hawaii report -- tl;dr edition

So, Hawaii.

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To wrap up: it was beautiful, it was fascinating. I knew going in that the Big Island had a ton of different climates and ecosystems, but experiencing them all in person was almost bewildering -- from scrub and grass desert to tropical rainforest to sunny beaches to the chill of high mountains (Kilauea is at an elevation of over 4,000 feet) and back, in just a few days, sometimes in as little as one day. So many plants and flowers and birds -- brightly colored birds were everywhere! I wish I knew what more of them were. Given how much there was to see, it wasn't quite as relaxing as it might have been, but it was definitely fun, and I would absolutely go back.