August 30th, 2007




If you had me guess which state was going to legalize same-sex marriage next, my childhood home would not exactly have been at the top of the list.

I wonder if their Supreme Court will let it stand? And what the reaction there will be if it does?

cats - tori sun


As I was heading out of the library today (a little bit early so I could run some errands, including a trip to the nail salon for my sadly neglected toes -- they're now a striking shade of red named "I'm not really a waitress"), a couple of people asked if I was leaving for the day. Being able to tell them I was heading out for the weekend made me all warm and bouncy inside.

This is the first time since January that I've taken off a weekday that wasn't either comp time (making up for working extra hours), a sick day, or a school holiday. Just haven't been able to get away. I probably shouldn't be going now, either, but you know what? Oh well. This trip is important to me, and I need it. Spending time with friends, and then taking in a great city and some great buildings with T: there's not much better than that.